This month, I was invited to participate in a workshop organized by the “Arts Professional Learning Institute” and “Young Audiences Arts for Learning NJ & Eastern PA,” entitled “Arts Equity for Disabled Students.”  

I ran a learning lab and sang.   I also shared my experiences of attending various mainstream schools. The participants were educators interested in developing their skills in inclusive education. I enjoyed the workshop and am very grateful to my supporters who make it possible for me to do this kind of work.

Please stay safe, wear a mask and don’t forget to social distance!

Much love



I have been invited to visit South Africa to tell my story and to sing. There are risks to traveling during the pandemic and I thought long and hard about accepting the invitation. 
The needs of vulnerable children throughout the world remain an issue close to my heart and I want to give them my support.  The pandemic has heightened their feelings of isolation and depression.  Fortunately, I am young and healthy, I have been vaccinated and infection rates are currently low in both New York and South Africa.  I will of course be wearing a mask and social distancing.  All of these factors played a role in my final decision.  
This will be my first visit to Africa. My trip includes meeting with the children and facilitators at our TIMCA project in Harrismith, meeting with organizations that assist abandoned children and visiting a number of churches to share my story and sing. It also provides me with the opportunity to meet and strategize with the TIMCA Team in Johannesburg.
I look forward to sharing all about my visit in my next Newsletter.


The good news is that my song, “Soar” is finally in production.  While in South Africa I will have the opportunity to record with my friend, John Malan.  Soar is about overcoming obstacles and making the most of your life.  

John collaborated with me on “Victorious” and recorded all of the instruments on “Remember Me.”  The visit gives me a chance to work with John on this project, as well as record additional vocal tracks of cover songs.

Keep an eye on my website and youtube channel for updates :).

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