My Passion


I wrote this song about my  journey of coming to terms with being abandoned by my birth mother. The song is for everyone who knows the deep pain of being rejected.



Below are three fifty second samples of me singing karaoke cover songs. The full versions of these songs and more are available in My Online Community. I am adding to them all the time. Please join me there 🙂

I would love to meet and chat with you in My Online Community.   In My Online Community I have fun recordings of me singing karaoke cover songs and interesting updates and insights.   You can also let me know what songs you would like to hear me sing.   Please join me there 🙂


A significant number of incredible people are taking huge risks in the service of others. You inspire me and give me hope for the future.


My Story

I recorded a cover of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel as a reminder that, no matter how hard things are, “Love is always with us”.

I grew up in an extraordinary family.   Both of my parents are blind and my two brothers were visually impaired.   My sister is autistic, blind and has severe mental retardation.   And then, there is me.   I am blind.

a collage of Elizabath Elle and her family
KBS Documentary about my family

KBS has made two documentaries about my family.  My first name is Ellen. I am one of four adopted children. Elizabeth Elle is my stage name.


I use my music to assist orphans, people with disabilities and anyone living in difficult circumstances.  That’s why I co-founded a non-profit organisation called TIMCA and started a community outreach project.

A smiling girl and the TIMCA logo

The Drop Box Trailer – A Documentary About Abandoned Babies in South Korea

Without the generosity of my supporters, I would not be able to follow my dream of writing, recording, performing and selling my music for the benefit of others.   Please support me and the work that I do 🙂    

Small donations from as little as a $1 a month all add up.

It is always a great honour for me to help raise funds for Milal. I have been associated with them for many years and I love their work.

16th Milal Thanksgiving Fundraising Night


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